18 April 2014

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While I love spending time doing my makeup and coming up with different eyeshadow combinations and designs, I'm not one that likes to spend a lot of time on nail polish. I'm someone that would prefer to paint one colour and be done with it.

Since the foundation brushes and blush palette took up most of the $20 limit that bornprettystore gave me, I decided to look at their nail stuff since their nail stuff is the cheapest on the website. I thought these flower nail stickers were pretty and since they were only ninety-nine cents when I was picking items out, I went with this.

The messages are pretty clear and easy to understand. When I put the stickers in water, I let them soak for about fifteen seconds and then put them on my nails.

I used my first sticker on my thumbnail and I wasn't very impressed. Part of the design ripped away as I was trying to place it onto my nail, so these stickers are prone to breakage if you're not careful.

Things got easier and better as I applied more to other fingers. As you can see, the stickers are too big for my nails. I didn't trim most of them (just the sticker for my pinky nail for obvious reasons) because I wanted you to see how big the stickers are compared to my entire nail.

They last for as long as you keep your nail polish on and I had no problems taking them off. All I did was peel off my nail polish and the sticker came off with it.

Overall, they're nice stickers but I'm still going to be the kind of gal that just puts on two coats of one colour and then calls it a day. If I ever saw a design that blew me away and I had white polish, then I'd buy and try since I'm sure these stickers would go better with brighter and lighter colours.

If you would like to try these stickers out for yourself, click here.
I was given this nail sticker for free from Every single character I type on this post is truthful, my own opinion, and I would not and will not lie to my readers. 

Urban Decay NAKED3 Makeup Tutorial - Bridal & Wedding Makeup

17 April 2014

The fact that I would have potentially had a wedding gig in the future is what inspired me to make this tutorial. I wanted to practice and have some ideas in mind before actually doing that sort of makeup on people. Being prepared is a great thing, even if it's a long time in advance!

The Urban Decay NAKED3 palette is a great palette for bridal makeup. The rose and rose-gold tones in the eyeshadows give it the wedding feel. Of course, I did mix it up with something that has no rose in it whatsoever since a pure rose and rose-gold look isn't flattering on everyone. You do run the risk of making yourself and somebody else looking very sick and tired.


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation (N120)

Benefit Posie Tint

Wet n Wild Fergie Eyeshadow Primer
Wet n Wild Brulee
NAKED3 (Burnout, Limit, and Darkside)
MAC Omega

Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner (#1)
MISSHA Signature Glam Art Rouge SPF15/PA+ (SPK106)

5 Years Tag.

14 April 2014

Kayla of Microscrope Beauty tagged me to do the 5 Years Tag. Fortunately, this is a tag specifically about blogging and not the "where do you see yourself down the road as far as life and jobs" kind of thing, which is probably one of the worst questions you can ask me. Madeline of Cappuccino and Fashion (Hi, I love your name because of "cappuccino".) is the blogger that created this tag.

1| How long have you been blogging? I think I've been blogging since about 2010 when it comes to blogging about makeup. But it hasn't been on one blog. I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with blogs. I've lost count of how many makeup blogs I've owned since then.

2| Do you think you'll still be blogging in five years? I have no idea. I can't even actually think about it and figure out if the possibility is there.

3| What is something you want to change/improve about your blog? Mostly the layout as a whole. I'm awful at design. I like clean, but creative, and I feel like I'm not very good at blog design. I'm always stuck. I like a lot of the clean looks blogs have, but I don't want my layout to look like everyone else's but I've no idea what else to do! I do wish I was more creative at blog posts too. A girl can only do so many reviews at once. I don't know how Christine does it!

4| Who do you still hope you'll be blogging friends with in a few years? If I talk to you regularly or even semi-regularly on Twitter or Instagram, all of you!

5| What keeps you going when it comes to blogging? You're all probably going to expect a very nice and cookie cutter answer from me, but honestly? Since seeing my name on Temptalia for the first time, I get this instant blog-high and it makes me so happy when I'm on there. Knowing that someone who is one of the most popular in makeup blogging likes my blog makes me want to post more and more because I love seeing my name on there and I've been on there quite a bit since the first time. Of course, I like blogging too. And I like sharing information and pictures. And documenting my makeup looks. But... don't tell me that getting featured on one of the biggest, if not the biggest, makeup blog in the world wouldn't be one of the top reasons you continue to blog.

6| Where do you find inspiration when you're stuck? Other people's blog posts. I'll try to find blog posts that aren't reviews and see what other kind of makeup related blog posts they've come up with and do something similar, just with my own products and a little twist. I don't know why, but for some reason, I just can't think of blog posts to do other than reviews. My brain just can't really come up with anything on its own.

For the sake of tagging just to keep this going along, I tag...

  1. Jessica.
  2. Coco.
  3. Ash.
  4. Kallie.
  5. Rebecca.
  6. Sharon.

SHOW & TELL: Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Rose Amour

Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Rose Amour ($5.49)

After waiting months for my local CVS to get the shade Rose Amour in stores, I finally was able to get my hands on it with some CVS ExtraBucks. So I didn't break my spending ban. Instead, CVS bought it for me.

(I'm still a little swollen from wisdom teeth removal.)

Milani describes this as a rose pink with a cream finish. In person, and it may just be to my eye, it looks more like a fuchsia pink. I don't detect much of a rose tone to it. I also remember it looking significantly lighter on other people looking at their blog posts and I think that's what made me want this shade, but really, I do like the shade on me.

Even though I've already done my top picks for Spring lip products video, this is a beautiful pink shade for the season.

This is my fourth Color Statement lipstick and I will just tell you that I'm a huge fan of them. I've tried five total and only returned one: Sangria, because of the uneven application. I think this is a fantastic line of affordable lipsticks that come in many different shades, so there's something for everyone.

Do you own any of the Color Statement shades? If so, which ones?

top five blushes for spring.

13 April 2014

Now that the top five picks for Spring lip products video is up, I want to show you my top five picks for Spring blushes!

I used to not be a blush person, but now, for some reason, I've accumulated quite a few blushes. Of course, some of my blushes were gifts, but still, I have more blushes than I thought I would! 

I really like pink and peach shades for the Spring. I know some people also think of coral as a Spring shade, but to me, that is more Summer. But in the end, like I always say, you wear whatever you want to wear whenever you want to wear it. I don't wear strictly pink and peach in the spring! I'll wear whatever I want! This is just what I think of when I think Spring!

Trust me, I study the weather. I know what I'm doing here. ;)

Blushes will be listed in the order swatched in photos and shown in the video.

MAC Mineralized in Dainty - I remember going to the MAC counter in Nordstrom for the first time ever in my makeup/b/vlogger career and picking up this blush. This was one of my first MAC blushes and products of all time. (I bought multiple products from the brand during my first visit ever, so I say that bundle counts as my first products.) 

NARS Deep Throat - This is another one of my favourite blushes. I remember trying this for the first time a few years ago when I saw it in a set with NARS' lipgloss in Striptease at Marshall's and then for some reason after a while, I swapped it. I'm not sure why. What was I thinking? For Christmas '13, I asked for this blush and my dad got it for me! I always have one pink favourite and one peach favourite. This is obviously my peach. 

Buxom True Hue in Temptation - Like I said in the video, I do prefer matte finishes over shimmery ones when it comes to my blush, so Temptation is a great option for a matte pastel/baby pink blush.

theBalm Instain in Toile - These blushes took the makeup world by storm when they first released. After dealing with the frustration that is theBalm 50% off sales, I finally got my hands on Toile. I absolutely love this colour. It's a great colour to where with just a matte neutral eye with winged eyeliner and mascara.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #6 - Always have to show a cream option just in case you're one that prefers creams! They're great for dry skin, but since these Aqua Creams do dry down, I would say they're good for oily skin too! Work fast when blending since they do dry down pretty quickly!

my first makeup gig!

12 April 2014

Yes, it's true. I did have my very first makeup gig this week. I had only recovered from wisdom teeth surgery for forty-eight hours and I went to a two to three hour makeup gig that required a lot of bending down and standing up. I can see why I was banned from exercising for at least a week now. It's not even working out at the gym and that gave me some really bad stiffness and pressure in my jaw and hurt like hell when I came home.

But it was worth it.

The community college here had a fundraiser for LGBT that included games, STD and AIDS awareness, food, all kinds of stuff, including a drag/model show! They did this thing called Drag Your Teacher and, well, I think we only dragged one teacher since our main clients were younger boys, but that's okay!

I did most of his foundation (actually, I think we used concealer - I don't know what was used since I was just handed the products in sample jars) while Caroline did his eyes, eyebrows, and I'm going to assume his lips too (OCC Lip Tar in Beta, from my collection). I wouldn't be surprised if she did blush and highlight too, but I was busy working on someone else so I didn't see everything she did. I think the eyeshadows were from a generic 120 palette.

Here is my main client! I did his eyeshadow and lips! Caroline did his liner, lashes, and face, and a mix of my products and her products were used. I used Sugarpill Flamepoint, 2AM, Poison Plum, and two white (matte and shimmery) Inglot eyeshadows for his eyes. On the lips, I used OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar in New Wave. Caroline used a NYX blush and one of my Inglot shadows on his face. I know his lashes were from Red Cherry, but I'm not sure what kind Caroline used. (And his eyelids may have been glued shut at first...oops!)

I wish I could have spent more time blending and cleaning up the lower lash line, but we were very pressed for time and he showed up a little later, so that took out a chunk of the time we had available.

After the show, we found him walking around the auditorium and Caroline took a picture of us. As you can see, I'm a huge chipmunk and I could hardly move my face. It was still very hard for me to talk when I was there and the surgery had also made my hearing worse (yeah, that's possible, lol)

Caroline, me, Justin (who sort of photobombed), and Dawn, three out of four of us that did the makeup work! I think George was enjoying the show a little too much to realize we were taking a photo. Opening my mouth to attempt to smile was painful, ha.

Wednesday was a fun day and I'd definitely do it again, just without the stitches in my mouth.

Looks like I'm asking for a traincase for my birthday...

tips to succeed at a makeup buying ban & how to buy makeup with free money!

08 April 2014

If you've read this post, you will know that I am attempting to go on a spending ban until my birthday, July 16. All the reasons why are on there, but  long story short, I'm hard of hearing, hearing society doesn't treat us the way we should be treated and the job market hardly exists for us, and I'm trying to save money and have a nice ol' shopping spree for my birthday.

Lots of makeup b/vloggers have tried doing spending bans in a few forms: doing Project 10 Pan (I haven't seen this done by anyone in over a year, actually.), limiting themselves to maybe one item a month, and/or just flat out not purchasing anything.

From personal experience, I know spending bans are hard, especially when you call it a ban. Bans are awful. It sounds like you're trying to be the Republican party dictating what women do their own bodies. But sometimes, it is necessary for those of us that are having a hard time using up what we do have.  Makeup lasts longer than a lot of people seem to think, but that doesn't mean you should leave your lipstick untouched for five years!

Fortunately, I've got a tip or two for you to help lessen the blow of a shopping ban as well as an phone app suggestion that allows you to buy makeup with money that isn't yours!

#1 - Find a new hobby/a new store to go to that isn't makeup related - For me, I like to go to Barnes & Noble. I like to read at the cafe and drink coffee. Barnes & Noble is my own personal library. Hey, you can even go to your public library and find something to read! There's also text books for languages and other subjects so you can learn something! Or, bring your laptop with you to the cafe and if you're a b/vlogger like me, just do some b/vlogging work instead of going to Sephora! Since Barnes & Noble is closer to my apartment than the stores I like to go to are, it's easier for me to just go to the bookstore since I'm often just too lazy to make a farther drive. I can spend hours upon hours at Barnes & Noble and not feel the need to want to go anywhere else. So, long story short, explore new places in your area!

Of course, there is always online shopping and that's a bit of a bummer. Ignoring online shopping is easy for me since most places make you pay shipping and I don't like paying their overpriced shipping costs. Instead of online shopping, just go on Tumblr and watch something on Netflix. ;)

(Ignore the text message coming in, lol.)

Now, a spending ban involves not buying things with your money, but nobody said you couldn't use gift cards.

There are quite a few phone apps nowadays that allow you to accumulate points and you can use the points you save up to get gift cards from iTunes, various restaurants, gas, retail stores, and... Sephora. I used to be a big fan of Viggle which is where most of my Sephora gift cards came from, but they're nothing like they were before and I lost all of my respect for them, so I went on to find something else! 

I think I found shopkick because of another anti-Viggler talking about it on Viggle's Facebook page. If you would like to read more about shopkick, visit their website here

With Viggle, I would have to earn 94,000 points at this point of time for just a $25 gift card to Sephora when before that, it was 50K, and then 25K. Viggle has taken away gift cards and not bothered putting them back up, but continues to raise the price. It's ridiculous.

With shopkick, it takes a little longer to get points because you have to travel to stores and check in at the store entrance and it's not always a lot of points, but I only have to save up around 6K points to get a Sephora $25 gift card! That's so much better. You can also scan items to get points as well. And sometimes during the weekend, shopkick will treat you to 200 points per store check in! 

Viggle was how I made majority of my Sephora purchases and now, I've moved on to shopkick. It is legitimate since I have used my points on a Best Buy and Sephora gift card and have shopped with both cards. 

I am not being sponsored by shopkick for this post. In fact, they won't even know I'm posting this until I tell them. My opinion about shopkick is my honest opinion!