REVIEW: Makeup Geek Blushes

Makeup Geek Secret Admirer & Spell Bound - $10

Ah, Makeup Geek blushes. These are brand new products that launched fairly recently and the anticipation for these was so high that it practically shut down the website for 48 hours when they were launched. I was one of those people that spent 48 hours trying to get my hands on these blushes!

You can get these in pan form for $10 or in compacts for $13. I chose to get them in pan form because it's cheaper and I'd prefer to put them in a palette. Z Palettes are way too much money for me so I chose to buy a $8 MAC palette and then a magnetic sheet for $2 at Walmart. Doing that is still much cheaper than a Z Palette!

A lot of the blushes are sold out, but I read in a few tweets from Marlena a while ago that they will be restocked in a few weeks.

Secret Admirer is a light orchid purple shade. I literally do not have anything like this colour in my blush collection and that is one of the reasons why I decided to purchase this one. When I first received this, I was a little bit disappointed because it looked a lot more straight up pink than lilac. But somehow, the longer I had it, the more it turned out to be lilac to my eyes. At first, I didn't like it very much on me at all but then I used it a few more times, packing on more colour to start off with, and I ended up liking it much more.

Spell Bound is a salmon-tan shade. This is my favourite of the two. It's a very easy colour to wear even if you accidentally overdo it. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this shade.

While I had a so-so experience with Makeup Geek eyeshadows, I've had a very good experience with the blushes and will end up buying a few more in the future. I have my eye on a few of the more orange-y shades and one or two shimmery ones.


  1. I'm still waiting for the ones I want to go back in stock... the waiting game lol

  2. Good to know that the blushes are better than the eyeshadows! Spellbound seems to be calling my name...

    Swatching Oddity | Beauty Blog

  3. I'm absolutely obsessed with both of those shades! I might have the pick up a few once the chaos settles down!


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