tips to succeed at a makeup buying ban & how to buy makeup with free money!

If you've read this post, you will know that I am attempting to go on a spending ban until my birthday, July 16. All the reasons why are on there, but  long story short, I'm hard of hearing, hearing society doesn't treat us the way we should be treated and the job market hardly exists for us, and I'm trying to save money and have a nice ol' shopping spree for my birthday.

Lots of makeup b/vloggers have tried doing spending bans in a few forms: doing Project 10 Pan (I haven't seen this done by anyone in over a year, actually.), limiting themselves to maybe one item a month, and/or just flat out not purchasing anything.

From personal experience, I know spending bans are hard, especially when you call it a ban. Bans are awful. It sounds like you're trying to be the Republican party dictating what women do their own bodies. But sometimes, it is necessary for those of us that are having a hard time using up what we do have.  Makeup lasts longer than a lot of people seem to think, but that doesn't mean you should leave your lipstick untouched for five years!

Fortunately, I've got a tip or two for you to help lessen the blow of a shopping ban as well as an phone app suggestion that allows you to buy makeup with money that isn't yours!

#1 - Find a new hobby/a new store to go to that isn't makeup related - For me, I like to go to Barnes & Noble. I like to read at the cafe and drink coffee. Barnes & Noble is my own personal library. Hey, you can even go to your public library and find something to read! There's also text books for languages and other subjects so you can learn something! Or, bring your laptop with you to the cafe and if you're a b/vlogger like me, just do some b/vlogging work instead of going to Sephora! Since Barnes & Noble is closer to my apartment than the stores I like to go to are, it's easier for me to just go to the bookstore since I'm often just too lazy to make a farther drive. I can spend hours upon hours at Barnes & Noble and not feel the need to want to go anywhere else. So, long story short, explore new places in your area!

Of course, there is always online shopping and that's a bit of a bummer. Ignoring online shopping is easy for me since most places make you pay shipping and I don't like paying their overpriced shipping costs. Instead of online shopping, just go on Tumblr and watch something on Netflix. ;)

(Ignore the text message coming in, lol.)

Now, a spending ban involves not buying things with your money, but nobody said you couldn't use gift cards.

There are quite a few phone apps nowadays that allow you to accumulate points and you can use the points you save up to get gift cards from iTunes, various restaurants, gas, retail stores, and... Sephora. I used to be a big fan of Viggle which is where most of my Sephora gift cards came from, but they're nothing like they were before and I lost all of my respect for them, so I went on to find something else! 

I think I found shopkick because of another anti-Viggler talking about it on Viggle's Facebook page. If you would like to read more about shopkick, visit their website here

With Viggle, I would have to earn 94,000 points at this point of time for just a $25 gift card to Sephora when before that, it was 50K, and then 25K. Viggle has taken away gift cards and not bothered putting them back up, but continues to raise the price. It's ridiculous.

With shopkick, it takes a little longer to get points because you have to travel to stores and check in at the store entrance and it's not always a lot of points, but I only have to save up around 6K points to get a Sephora $25 gift card! That's so much better. You can also scan items to get points as well. And sometimes during the weekend, shopkick will treat you to 200 points per store check in! 

Viggle was how I made majority of my Sephora purchases and now, I've moved on to shopkick. It is legitimate since I have used my points on a Best Buy and Sephora gift card and have shopped with both cards. 

I am not being sponsored by shopkick for this post. In fact, they won't even know I'm posting this until I tell them. My opinion about shopkick is my honest opinion!


  1. I'm on a makeup spending ban ever since I got my electric palette. I want to save up for IMATs london and have some cash to spend too. Shopkick sounds pretty decent, if only it was available in the uk though xD

  2. I have never heard of those apps that give you points for gift cards. Not that I could use that here anyway, but it's so brilliant!

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