my first makeup gig!

Yes, it's true. I did have my very first makeup gig this week. I had only recovered from wisdom teeth surgery for forty-eight hours and I went to a two to three hour makeup gig that required a lot of bending down and standing up. I can see why I was banned from exercising for at least a week now. It's not even working out at the gym and that gave me some really bad stiffness and pressure in my jaw and hurt like hell when I came home.

But it was worth it.

The community college here had a fundraiser for LGBT that included games, STD and AIDS awareness, food, all kinds of stuff, including a drag/model show! They did this thing called Drag Your Teacher and, well, I think we only dragged one teacher since our main clients were younger boys, but that's okay!

I did most of his foundation (actually, I think we used concealer - I don't know what was used since I was just handed the products in sample jars) while Caroline did his eyes, eyebrows, and I'm going to assume his lips too (OCC Lip Tar in Beta, from my collection). I wouldn't be surprised if she did blush and highlight too, but I was busy working on someone else so I didn't see everything she did. I think the eyeshadows were from a generic 120 palette.

Here is my main client! I did his eyeshadow and lips! Caroline did his liner, lashes, and face, and a mix of my products and her products were used. I used Sugarpill Flamepoint, 2AM, Poison Plum, and two white (matte and shimmery) Inglot eyeshadows for his eyes. On the lips, I used OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar in New Wave. Caroline used a NYX blush and one of my Inglot shadows on his face. I know his lashes were from Red Cherry, but I'm not sure what kind Caroline used. (And his eyelids may have been glued shut at first...oops!)

I wish I could have spent more time blending and cleaning up the lower lash line, but we were very pressed for time and he showed up a little later, so that took out a chunk of the time we had available.

After the show, we found him walking around the auditorium and Caroline took a picture of us. As you can see, I'm a huge chipmunk and I could hardly move my face. It was still very hard for me to talk when I was there and the surgery had also made my hearing worse (yeah, that's possible, lol)

Caroline, me, Justin (who sort of photobombed), and Dawn, three out of four of us that did the makeup work! I think George was enjoying the show a little too much to realize we were taking a photo. Opening my mouth to attempt to smile was painful, ha.

Wednesday was a fun day and I'd definitely do it again, just without the stitches in my mouth.

Looks like I'm asking for a traincase for my birthday...

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