My Favourite Blending Eyeshadows: MAC, MUFE, Inglot, Urban Decay

I decided to do a quick little video about a few of my favourite neutral eyeshadows to use as blending/transitioning colours. Not only will they help blend your eyeshadows, but they're also good choices for just throwing it all over the eyelid and crease for a quick ready-and-out-the-door eyeshadow look.

Swatches of: MAC Omega, MUFE #76, Inglot M390 and M337, Urban Decay Tease and Nooner.


  1. I loved your hair in this video... I like the piece-y too.. Could you tell how did you achieve that look? Or better yet, do a video :)

    1. It's just my natural hair. I woke up and put hairspray or some Wen by Chaz Dean texture thing on it.


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