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While I love spending time doing my makeup and coming up with different eyeshadow combinations and designs, I'm not one that likes to spend a lot of time on nail polish. I'm someone that would prefer to paint one colour and be done with it.

Since the foundation brushes and blush palette took up most of the $20 limit that bornprettystore gave me, I decided to look at their nail stuff since their nail stuff is the cheapest on the website. I thought these flower nail stickers were pretty and since they were only ninety-nine cents when I was picking items out, I went with this.

The messages are pretty clear and easy to understand. When I put the stickers in water, I let them soak for about fifteen seconds and then put them on my nails.

I used my first sticker on my thumbnail and I wasn't very impressed. Part of the design ripped away as I was trying to place it onto my nail, so these stickers are prone to breakage if you're not careful.

Things got easier and better as I applied more to other fingers. As you can see, the stickers are too big for my nails. I didn't trim most of them (just the sticker for my pinky nail for obvious reasons) because I wanted you to see how big the stickers are compared to my entire nail.

They last for as long as you keep your nail polish on and I had no problems taking them off. All I did was peel off my nail polish and the sticker came off with it.

Overall, they're nice stickers but I'm still going to be the kind of gal that just puts on two coats of one colour and then calls it a day. If I ever saw a design that blew me away and I had white polish, then I'd buy and try since I'm sure these stickers would go better with brighter and lighter colours.

If you would like to try these stickers out for yourself, click here.
I was given this nail sticker for free from Every single character I type on this post is truthful, my own opinion, and I would not and will not lie to my readers. 

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