My Go-To MLBB (My Lips But Better) Combination!

Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips & DHC Moisture Care Liquid Lipcolour

Unlike most makeup b/vloggers on the Internet, I'm usually not one for the "MLBB (my lips but better)" lip colours. If I'm going to spend money on a lipstick, it needs to be in a shade that isn't the colour of my lips. If I want my lip colour, but better, I'd just go buy a lip balm.

Sometime ago, my friend, Maria, sent me a package filled with makeup goodies and inside were these two products: an Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine lipstick (the name of the colour isn't on the tube) and DHC Moisture Care Lip Lipcolour in BE03. I'm always wanting to try makeup products from different countries, especially South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan (I swear it's harder to get Taiwanese cosmetics online than Korean and Japanese), so I was actually pretty excited to see them in my box, especially the Etude House!

I don't know what it is about these two products, but I really like this lip combination and I really like wearing it. I think it might have something to do with my love for Phoebe Tonkin and her gorgeous signature look of a subtle smokey eye and nude (although sometimes red too) lip just looking stunning on her. I want to look like her, so I guess that's part of the reason why I've ended up liking this MLBB look. I've ever been wearing less eye makeup on a regular basis! When I'm normally someone that loves a load of bright colour!

So thank you, Maria, for sending me these two products when you did last year otherwise I more than likely would have never bothered! Plus, who can deny such gorgeous packaging from Etude House?

RELATED QUESTION: Do you like MLBB products? What's your go-to?


  1. This looks like a lovely product from a brand I've never heard before!
    I've just tagged you in my latest post, it's a beauty TAG and i'd love for you to do it! Thanks

  2. such a pretty combo! :) I really want to get more Etude products! I mean, who can resist packaging as cute as that!?

    1. Seriously. I want to buy the entire brand.

  3. Such a cute packaging and the lipstick and lipgloss are gorgeous. I really like your blog. I followed you on bloglovin! If you have time could you also check my blog out? I'll be greatly appreciated :) xx

  4. You look so pretty! Love this combo *.*

    I'm following you on bloglovin hope you'll do the same :)

  5. I'm all about the MLBB! I am dying to try some Etude House products, the packaging alone is just too cute ^-^

  6. I like MLBB lipsticks but I tend to not go crazy with them, and i'll definitely finish them up. I'd love to try some etude stuff, the packaging is incredibly pretty :3

  7. I'm with you on MLBB products! Why use barely there lip color when I can just slap on some lip balm?

    Taiwanese brands probably don't think they have any potential in the international market and thus don't make an effort to make their products available to the world, such a shame :(

  8. I love MLBB products too, and your picks are really lovely. I have got to try the Etude one. :)


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