MAKEUP 101: Foundation Brushes

Since I've talked about my recommendations for foundations, I thought I'd talk about some foundation brushes that are good to have when you're starting out with liquid makeup. 

Now, you don't have to use foundation brushes to apply your foundation, despite what a lot of people tell you on YouTube and on other blogs. You can use your fingers to apply the product (and trust me, some people do), but it is a lot easier and cleaner to use a brush. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - This brush, I find, provides the sheerest coverage, even when using something like the Make Up For Ever HD foundation, which is a pretty medium-to-possibly full coverage foundation. This brush is popular with a lot of makeup b/vloggers, but I personally don't find it to be the best. I think it's just a touch too scratchy on my face. With that being said, it isn't a bad brush. I do use this at least twice a week. It gets the job done.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - This is the best foundation brush from Real Techniques, in my opinion, and I'm pretty sure Dustin Hunter agrees [Please watch and subscribe to him. He's fabulous and doesn't put on annoying loud background music like us/we (Which one is it?) d//Deaf/hard of hearing people can't stand.], from what I remember seeing a video of his. This is more dense than the Buffing Brush and I like the way that it blends foundation a little bit better. Both are good brushes, but the Expert Face, in my opinion, is the better of the two.

Sigma F82 Round Kabuki - This is a brush that I won from a giveaway Rachel Whitehurst hosted in the past and I'm very happy that I won it, otherwise I never would've purchased this for myself, which would have been kind of unfortunate since this is a nice brush! I'm not huge on Sigma as a company, really, since they have been raising their prices so much more since they were first released, so it's nice that I have this now since I'm not sure exactly what the price increase is for this brush. This is the most dense out of the three brushes and I think it applies my foundation really well. The only downside is that this takes the longest to dry out of the three.

Makeup 101 is going to be a series of blog posts telling you what sort of products I would recommend for certain things in a makeup routine. Later on, I'll probably end up writing some tips and tricks. Feel free to leave requests in the comments section!


  1. I looove the expert face brush! It gives such an even and flawless application! My only problem with it is that it tends to take a long time to cover my entire face because it's so small!

    Love this series! :)

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those two RT brushes. So much!

  3. I literally have all 3 of these, lol! My fav is the Buffing Brush but I do like the other two as well. I never really noticed a difference in coverage between the two RT ones, I just thought the Expert Face was better because of the shape. But might pay more attention to the differences between the two next time.

    1. It might just be me imagining the difference between coverage. Who knows? lol!

  4. Replies
    1. They're really good for the price that they are!

  5. I love your blog


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