REVIEW: Urban Decay NAKED3

Just like 90% of the makeup b/vlogging community, I've got a review of the Urban Decay NAKED3 eyeshadow palette.

Honestly, I'm pretty sick and tired of the NAKED line in Urban Decay since they were that brand for bright and funky colours. I know it's popular right now, but I just want to see the bright and exciting makeup from them again. In fact, I'd love an all matte bright eyeshadow palette from them.

Regardless, I ended up becoming intrigued by the NAKED3 once Christine posted her swatches because the rose gold tones in the eyeshadows made it a little more unique than the other two NAKED palettes.

Like the NAKED2, NAKED3 comes in the metal tin but in rose gold coloured packaging. I'm actually wondering if one day in the future, Urban Decay will want to take down the original NAKED from the shelves and repackage it to the metal tin instead of keeping it in the velvet covered box.

When you open up the palette, once again, you get twelve full sized eyeshadows, just like in the first two. It also comes with a dual-ended brush, which isn't a kind of brush I prefer. I much prefer one ended brushes since they are much easier to store (I don't like putting dirty brushes in a palette.) and to use. I don't like the possibility of getting my hands dirty when there's product on the other end of the brush.

But that's just a personal preference. It's not a bad brush and it's not a deal breaker.

Swatches of Trick at the end of the first photo and beginning of second.

The first half of the palette with the lighter shades is much softer, smoother, silkier, more velvety than the second half of the palette. I noticed that the darker shades were a little more rough to the touch when I swatched them. But when applied to the eyes, it's not a problem.

Retailing for $52, I'm not sure if I think this palette has been completely worth the money, but I do like it and don't dislike it. I'm glad I purchased this and have tried it out because I do like some of the colours in this palette. I think that, like a lot of other people, I was digging into the hype when the brand first mentioned this and now that I've had this in my hands, the "I MUST HAVE THIS IS THE NEW "IT" PALETTE" feeling has died down dramatically.

RELATED QUESTION: If you have this palette, What are your thoughts on it? And if you don't own it, is this something you're eyeing or no?

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  1. I have been tempted to buy this, I just wish it had a few more matte shades in, then I might of been more tempted. Great review though!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I so 100% agree with the hype factor making makeup lovers want it... After watching a few reviews on it I think it's not for me.

  3. I'm a sucker for rose gold anything so I really like playing around with these colors. I do think it's a bit expensive (I don't own the other two Naked palettes), but I am happy that I own it xx

  4. Haha, you're adorable~ I didn't know the original Naked was $44, I remember getting my Naked 2 for $50. I also really want this palette for the last shade, it's gorgeous.

    It seems like Urban Decay's primer potion is hating on me, too. I used to use it all the time and it was my HG (and only) eyeshadow primer, but it cakes up on me which was never a problem in the past.

    xx becky /

    1. Also whooops, thought I was following you this whole time. Followed for real now ;)

    2. Yeah, it was $44 for about a year, maybe two years, and then the price just shot up.

  5. Totally understand the "I MUST HAVE THIS IS THE NEW "IT" PALETTE" feeling you describe. It always comes for pretty much every hyped new release and then when you look back a year later, you realise how sucked in people can get :p Still, I think this is pretty and I'd probably really like it. I haven't purchased it yet though!

  6. Yeah, maybe the huge hype around it made you have too high expectations? Overall it still looks like a lovely palette to own, especially if you don't own one of the other two naked palettes yet.

  7. It's weird, every time I'm at Sephora or Ulta & it's right there in front of me & I'm swatching it, I always walk out without it, as I already have similar shades to many of them, & tend to wear more darks. But then,lol, when I watch videos on it on YT, I'm like, 'I MUST HAVE THAT!', then I go back to Ulta & again, leave without it. It's weird, like you said, that hype attatched to it, & even though I've swatched it now about 6 times, I keep going through this cycle of going to get it, then not once I'm there. I'm thinking now maybe I should get the Naked 2. I don't want the 1 because it's a bit too coppery for me. What would you recommend, the 2 or the 3? And I already have Vice, Feminine, & Dangerous, which I know are very different, but have a fair amount of earth tones & neutrals, enough that would it not be worth it for me to get a Naked 2 or 3?

    1. Oh, forgot to say, I wish for the Naked 3 they'd just make some of the shades individually, because really the main reason the 3 interests me is because of Factory & Trick. I think those two are alot of people's favs.

    2. They probably will make individual shades, eventually, when the NAKED3 hype dies down just a little bit. They did that with the shades in NAKED2 eventually. It's just too soon while NAKED3 is what's giving them money.


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